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July 2013

Dear 3-monkey friend,

Our Online Newsletter is again full with international news about the three wise monkeys. Also several of our webpages have been updated with many interesting details.

But before clicking on the above link it is advised to read this email here below first.

World Hepatitis Day on July 28, 2013


This day is held under the sign of hear, see and speak no evil and is of special interest to all fellow 3-monkey collectors. We invite you to send us a message and photos in case you are joining this event. Information and links can be found in the Online Newsletter.


Three-Monkey Collectors Meetings 2013 in the USA and Europe

This year the 3-monkey collector meetings in Europe and USA took place quite early in the season. Links to photo albums of both meetings can be found in the Online Newsletter.
The places and dates for the 2014 events have yet to be decided and we are waiting for information from the organizers. Once these details are available, all will be published in our Online Newsletter.

The pictures of are visible again for everyone

About a month ago we received several alarming e-mails that all photos of our website had disappeared. The disaster-reports came from people using Internet Explorer 8 and 9. After some weeks of checking and testing, we discovered that a long-standing setting of our website suddenly appeared to have caused this problem. (Hot-link protection).
Everything should be OK again, but if anyone has problems with non-appearance of photos, please let us know.


Message Board and Guestbook


A visit to our website is never complete without a quick look in our Guestbook. Over the years it has become an interesting alternative source of information about what is happening in the world of the three wise monkeys.


Link to our Guestbook


Three-Monkeys.Info as best website

We discovered a German website in which is listed as the best content-relevant website of its kind. We include this information here with a little bit of pride. The (translated) statement for the project:

"One of the main goals of this project is to find alternative sources of information. This is achieved by a thorough analysis, focusing on finding the best web pages for each area of interest "

The no-evil monkeys of Gandhi


In our Newsletter we have paid quite some attention to the recent auctioning of the "No-Evil Monkeys of Gandhi". After the famous three monkeys of Nikko in Japan, these probably are the most mentioned 3-monkey figurines worldwide. We find it very disturbing that so many untruths are told concerning the legacy of Gandhi and that in an official public auction tens of thousands of US dollars are asked and paid for a set no evil monkeys of very dubious origin.


Pages that are frequently updated

Contact and Feedback 

We always enjoy reading and hearing from our website visitors and we need their input to keep our site interesting and up-to-date. Any comments, suggestions or additions to our website are always very welcome.

Thank you and with three-monkey greetings from Switzerland,

Emil Schuttenhelm

Three-Monkey Collector
and Webmaster of