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The Compton Pottery was established 1899 in Surrey, England by Mary Tyler Watts, wife of the Victorian portrait painter George Frederick Watts. The pottery's output was extensive including figures, jugs, plaques and pendants. Models include; Owl jugs, Toby Jugs, Frog and in the early years also St George, St Francis, St Christopher, St Martin, St Michael, St Celia, the four seasons and more. The majority of the pottery was made from a soft white body and decorated with tempera, an egg based paint. This is susceptible to wear and easily washes off !!! The Compton Pottery closed down in 1954.

Interesting for no evil monkey collectors are a figurine, a wall plaque and a pendant, all with three angels that hear, say and see no evil. The 12 photos of the plaque here below show that this item was hand painted in a variety of colors.

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