No Evil Monkey Conference set up in Savannah, GA,

Sept. 13 – 16, 2018

Message of March 30, 2018

Subject: Re: URGENT SEPT 13-16 THREE MONKEYS Travelzoo Confirmation -- Reference # 8331-3772-5958 -- B Historic Savannah, Savannah


We have 11 rooms spoken for Savannah - if we need more, please let us know as soon as possible. Prices are going up every day as the fall gets closer. It is a very popular place.


George & I are flying into Charleston SC, driving over & then staying a night in Charleston on the way home. Let us know if there is anything we can do for any of you. -M-

Marlee P. Shaw


Message of March 18, 2018


Subject: URGENT SEPT 13-16 THREE MONKEYS Travelzoo Confirmation -- Reference # 8331-3772-5958 -- B Historic Savannah, Savannah


Hello! The people in the top email are all that we have heard from that are attending the meeting in Savannah GA. Rooms are at a premium in the fall from September 13 -16. We are blessed on a Sunday afternoon to find these even if they have to be paid ahead.


In order to get a $139+tax per night at the B Historic Savannah, I have had to pay in full for all of the rooms at the time of booking. Total for the three night is $495.22 ($167.07) per night. This is an incredible rate through Travelocity/Turico Holidays, Inc. The hotel is more expensive even with a group rate.


That being said - we have 6 rooms so far & working on 4-6 more for now at this rate. Paying ahead is the ONLY way to get this rate so we are going out on this limb for all of us.


Please send us a check for each couple wanting one of the rooms, We need to have a check for the room for 3 nights from each one needing a room. The 3 night charge is $495.22 for the Standard Room to cover our CC charges today. 


Marlee P. Shaw

4029 Ellenboro Lane

Fort Worth TX  76244-4369


We will speak with the hotel tomorrow about a meeting room & continue to secure more rooms at this rate but really need to know who is coming. This has been a challenge to say the least. -M-


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From: Marlee Shaw []

Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2018 5:38 PM


We are working so hard STILL on finding rooms in Savannah for September 13-16. We need to know how many of you plan to attend & how many will be in your party. The rooms are not inexpensive & we are finding the $150-200 per night is about the very best anywhere we go. 


Please let us know as soon as possible as we have been struggling with these prices since last September hoping to find a deal. Thanks so much for any help you can give us as quickly as possible. -M-


Marlee Shaw



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