Hi fellow - No Evil fanatics

I know some people among you will declare us for fools, but the No Evil Monkey meeting will take place at the "end of civilization" in Poperinge!

Because we live right at the end of civilization and that it is a long journey for many of you, I would like to ask you with this letter to travel to Flanders West and to plan a visit to our area around the date of

The year 2014 is for the keikoppen (nickname for those who live in Poperinge) a party / memorial year. But also for the three Belgians it is a party / memorial edition. Then it is exactly
ago since a nice group of you have visited us.

By viewing the following program, we hope that you feel pleased - the more people, the more joy – to come and join us. Last time we were 42 people!
* 9:30 to 10:00 you are welcome

* 10:30 = opening remarks
* 11:00 = PP + presentations

* 12:00 = surprise bread
* 13:00 = Group 1 : No Evil Museum

Group 2: Hop Museum
* 14:00 = Group 1: Hop Museum
Group 2: No Evil museum
* 15:00 = cake & display of items for sale

* 16:00 = traditional sales
* 17:00 = closing down & cleaning
* 18:00 = dinner party (at own expense)

If you want to join us, we ask a participation fee of € 25.
At the close of this letter , we still dare to ask you something more. Yeah we dare.
Is it possible for you to let us know whether or not you will join us?

At the latest on June 15, 2014!

MANY No evil greetings from BERRE & CO.


Translation from the original message in Dutch: LINK